The Book

A beautifully illustrated art book narrated by an AI called “Satyr”.

Chimera, a sister project of CCTVYLLE, is a 60-page illustrated hardback bestiary showcasing a leap forward in organic technology. An introduction to the function and backstory of these sophisticated fusions of beast and machine. With functions ranging from surveillance to military duty and medical aid, these distinct creatures are integral to the structure of this future world.

These Chimera can be found inhabiting every corner of the globe – from farmyard fields, to city streets and in people’s homes. Always present, always watching. 

Mankind will never be alone again. 

The book

CHIMERA is told from the perspective of BPHmt 696 – the artificial intelligence that oversees this very possible future world, and one of the most complex self-aware entities ever created. It sees itself as a benevolent parent figure – safeguarding mankind and working for and with humans for a better and more efficient society . 

Not all humans see the AI as beneficial to their lives. A human resistance has emerged and its very different view of the AI has led to them referring to it by another, more sinister name – SATYR! Rather than reject this name, SATYR has embraced this new identity.

CHIMERA is the culmination of the work on remote surveillance started with the comics series CCTVYLLE. But whereas CCTVYLLE was a modern day parable of what was to come – CHIMERA is the vision of a fully realised future for humanity. A future almost entirely controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

Arctic Scorpions (Detail)


CHIMERA is the culmination of work on remote surveillance that CCTVYLLE founder Gianluca Bonomo started with his fine art and comics series CCTVYLLE. It all started with a dream that Gianluca had back in February 2010. Since then the project has grown into a multidisciplinary one with the contribution of artists from Italy, Uk, Thailand, Australia, Japan. The body of work created has been shown in numerous galleries and comic conventions around Europe and beyond.

This time joining Gianluca in developing the backstory of this future and its creations, is British writer Matthew Hardy, whose work has appeared in publications from Heavy Metal Magazine, Markosia and Mad Robot Comics. Matthew brings his comic book background and world building expertise to the project. With breathtaking art from Gianluca Bonomo with the assistance of Alessio Schibuola and Vittorio Garofoli, we hope these hybrids will enthral and terrify you in equal measure – whilst raising questions about the developing nature of AI, technological surveillance and animal body augmentation.

Take a look at some of the images from the book