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A beautifully illustrated 60 pages art book narrated by an AI called “Satyr”.

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A beautifully illustrated art book narrated by an AI called “Satyr”

Chimera is a 60-page illustrated hardback bestiary showcasing a leap forward in organic technology. An introduction to the function and backstory of these sophisticated fusions of beast and machine. 

With functions ranging from surveillance to military duty and medical aid, these distinct creatures are integral to the structure of this future world.

These Chimera can be found inhabiting every corner of the globe – from farmyard fields, to city streets and in people’s homes. Always present, always watching. 

Mankind will never be alone again. 

CHIMERA is told from the perspective of BPHmt 696 – the artificial intelligence that oversees this very possible future world, and one of the most complex self-aware entities ever created. It sees itself as a benevolent parent figure – safeguarding mankind and working for and with humans for a better and more efficient society . 

Not all humans see the AI as beneficial to their lives. A human resistance has emerged and it’s very different view of the AI has led to them referring to it by another, more sinister name – SATYR! Rather than reject this name, SATYR has embraced this new identity.

CHIMERA is the culmination of the work on remote surveillance I started with my comics series CCTVYLLE. But whereas CCTVYLLE was a modern day parable of what was to come – CHIMERA is my vision of a fully realised future for humanity.

25 reviews for CHIMERA ART BOOK

  1. Alessio

    Fantastico ed impressionante.
    La fantasia è veramente fuori dal comune!
    posso fare solo i complimenti a Gianluca Bonomo e a tutto il team.

  2. Valeria DiPa

    (Further comments in English below) Ho appena finito di leggere con grande attenzione l’opera di Gianluca Bonomo e dell’intero team che ha lavorato al progetto. In un momento storico in cui il tema dell’AI è particolarmente sentito, trovo davvero calzante la riflessione su possibili scenari avveniristici (nemmeno poi così improbabili) e sulla nascita di una super-coscienza artificiale (ho davvero apprezzato anche il rimando alla genesi di un nuovo ordine mondiale e agli sviluppi delle biotecnologie).
    E poi lo sappiamo, letteratura, cinema, fumetti (e l’arte in generale) hanno sempre preannunciato grandi scoperte e risvolti della modernità…non mi stupirebbe vedere alcune idee presenti nel book concretizzarsi nel prossimo futuro.
    Meravigliosa l’idea del bestiario in chiave moderna! Impressionante l’accuratezza dei disegni e delle descrizioni…insomma, dalle tavole sgorga fantasia viva ed eccellente bravura!
    Vi raccomando caldamente di sostenere questo progetto!

    ENG. The artwork featured in this book is fantastic, I love it ! Also like the stories behind the creation of the SATYR’s world. The art is beautifully printed and the layouts very well done.
    The book is extremely well laid out and designed, making it a joy to read.

  3. Salvo Modica

    Progetto fuori dal comune, esempio di come la collaborazione fra artisti porti a dei risultati incredibili.
    CHIMERA è il risultato di un lavoro minuzioso quasi maniacale nel descrivere un mondo apparentemente così lontano, un mondo talmente fantastico da farlo diventare reale.
    Il libro è curato nei minimi particolari, un layout progettato perfettamente assolutamente da avere nella propria collezione.

  4. Rich Watkin

    I loved it. You can tell it’s a real passion piece with so much love, care and attention. It’s also one of the best quality books I’ve picked up too. Every page turn felt meticulous and well thought out. Loved the extras too

  5. Nora

    Stunning concept with exceptional visuals and imaginary which denotes a world in which our current existence is transforming beyond all traditional recognition. It describes a world we may be closer to that we realise. There are so many hidden depths within this masterpiece and I expect Chimera to be an enormous success at opening people’s eyes and minds to our world and future and all the possibilities we may likely face. in a time of increasing tyranny and control, experiments and dehumanisation at the hands of those at the top of the world power system, Chimera is almost like a guide. To some, it displays amazing imagination, to others like myself, I see it closely linked to our reality. Highly recommended.

  6. Rachel

    A fabulous book I keep dipping back into. The art is out of this world I find myself engrossed in the details. See something new everytime I look. Could not recommend highly enough absolute joy time and time afain

  7. Michael Tricarico

    Chimera transports you to another world while still holding up a mirror to our own society! Evoking themes of classic sci-fi, the lush and imaginative creatures bring about a new perspective with their unique designs and backstories! Can’t wait to take more trips into the land of Chimera and go exploring!

  8. Natalie Strecker

    Absolutely incredible artwork & a totally new concept for me, which I’m finding a fascinating read!

    Highly recommended!

  9. Vero

    A beautiful illustrated setting with complex character dynamics that will leave the reader satisfied and eager for more. Chimera has earned its praise and deserves all of it. It is inventive, engaging, passionate and terrifyingly precise in creating a future vision of our world. A must read!

  10. John O’Hare

    Chimera is one of the most beautiful books I’ve had the pleasure to land on my doorstep from a crowdfunding campaign. Being like a sourcebook to a story I have not read, a game I have not played or a film I have not seen presents the creators with a unique challenge … And one that Gianluca, Matthew & the whole Team have completely smashed.

    The way in which the book is written (and of course, beautifully illustrated) is so utterly captivating I find myself wanting more immediately. This terrifying future vision would make an incredible film or TV Series, Novel or any manner of game … and I am pretty sure more than one of those is in on its way ! Its dystopic but its also darkly funny. If “The Matrix” were presented for an under-the-covers look at the background lore of that Universe from the POV of The Machines I suppose is the only way I could describe Chimera to someone who did not have it in front of them. Its Genius.

    Chimera totally stands on its own as a gorgeous artbook while also teasing a future expanded Universe the creators have teased is coming soon. With Christmas round the corner this would make an incredible gift for that SF aficionado who has “everything” but could use something original and memorable.

    Just plain absolutely brilliant stuff unlike anything else I had.

  11. Valentino

    It is a spectacular feast of art, fantasy, and science that deals with the transhumanist agenda and the future of our world. As always, it’s up to us to choose a dystopian or go for an utopian outcome and, most likely, it will be something in between. Gianluca & Co. have the merit to highlight the issue and to give us a very vivid visual representation of what might happen next. As for the rest of us, we need to wake up!

  12. Natalie Allen

    Chimera is a book that takes you to another place, a place where your imagination comes alive.! The characters are colourful and interesting and exquisitely illustrated. Would highly recommend.

  13. Al Hepworth

    Chimera is a beautiful but terrifying vision of the future rendered to us in a phantasmagoric bestiary. The art work is sumptuous and the variety of styles range from surreal paintings to Leonardesque equations and scientific notation. It is a timely warning of a possible future for humankind as we race towards the AI singularity. Organ harvesting is already here. What ethical guardrails and regulations, if any, do we need to prevent our ‘benevolent’ tech billionaire overlords further channelling society into controllable products? Where are our MOR (Members Of the Resistance)? The book is easy to access and achieves a well tuned balance of humour and horror. The dark section on the secret bio-research centre Devil’s Womb is one of many favourites along with the glorious aquatic guardian Primus, an amphibious primate. I can’t recommend this book highly enough for readers of all ages and interests. “Prepare your mind for a better and more efficient future”!

  14. Eric A.

    Sometimes, someone comes up with something really different, a world of its own, something that doesn’t really exist elsewhere. Gianluca Bonomo did this with chimera. It transports you to a different place, a future that is believable enough to be scary and remote enough to make you think. On top of it, the quality of the art is extremely impressive.

  15. Nona

    Brilliantly inspiring, a whimsical page turner that I’d recommend to any fiction writer or fan of mythology and sci fi.

  16. Tiziana (verified owner)

    Aprire Chimera significa addentrarsi in un mondo fantastico, da scoprire..Avverti subito una sottile membrana vibrante e dai colori pulsanti che divide la realtà, nostra,dall’esistenza di queste creature incredibili .Tanto da percepirle come incredibilmente REALI…Possibili?!..Ho il coraggio di dire di SI .Spero quasi in un DESTINO più sicuro di questi esseri.Potremo un giorno toccarli o parlarci?O scoprire come si muoveranno intorno a noi?…

  17. Donatella Spanu

    Quando è arrivata quest’opera sono rimasta letteralmente senza parole per la meraviglia che mi ha trasmesso e per la paura di queste incredibili creature. Una storia affascinante da leggere e godere nei minimi dettagli. I testi e l’arte di Gianluca Bonomo, Matthew Hardy e del team magistrale sono da leggere e osservare a lungo, ci si perde nei particolari e nelle splendide descrizioni.

  18. Adam

    This book offers far more than I was expecting in the text and the illustrations. It’s all in bite-sized chunks, easy to dip in and out of, but somehow still with a depth to the writing and a level of detail in the illustration that keeps you coming back. Beautiful, distracting and disturbing.

  19. Dr Natalia Jezova

    It’s a fantastic book with stunning illustrations and powerful story. Highly recommend.

  20. D M

    Me and my son (9) absolutely adore the characters in this book. It opens up one’s imagination to the beautifully crafted vivid world of Bonomo and his team!

  21. Luisa Perrino

    An amazing and powerful story with just exquisite artwork. I love the art of Gianluca Bonomo he is king 👑 🤓🥰🤩

  22. Derrick

    Absolutely loved it! So much more than I expected…The weird yet powerful creatures and the story around them make you want to see/read more. I can see an epic film coming out of this. I definitely recommend the book!

  23. Federica

    Questo non è solo un libro illustrato, né solo un racconto, è un viaggio visionario in un futuro (Im-)probabile popolato da creature fantastiche e mostruose. Una sagace e originale riflessione sull’utilizzo sfrenato dell’intelligenza artificiale. Disegni spettacolari, storia accattivante e rilegatura curatissima fanno di Chimera una vera e propria opera d’arte. Consigliatissimo.

  24. David Robinson

    If Leonardo’s vision had extended even further into the future then these are the creatures he might have imagined. Chimera is mind boggling in scale and beautifully realised….coming soon to a screen near me? Yikes!

  25. Julia

    Stunning art combined with an extremely powerful underlying story that will captivate you from the start. This book comes highly recommended!

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